Hire the best talent fast, and safely.

We want to help you meet your critical hiring and talent sourcing challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Get complimentary usage of SkillSurvey Reference® the leading digital reference checking platform and SkillSurvey Source® which helps you helps you find new candidates through references and referrals.

  • Check and source as many candidates as you need to for the next 60 days.
  • Save time with detailed feedback reports in just one day on average from 4 plus references
  • Learn about the right soft skills for any role with hundreds of job specific surveys
  • Get new talent leads automatically

Have confidence you’re bringing on board candidates who are up to the challenges ahead.

Watch this short video to see how it works!


SkillSurvey is offering complimentary use of our widely recognized reference checking and sourcing solutions to organizations with critical hiring needs. There is no obligation to buy, or financial commitments required to utilize this offer during this period.