Going Digital: Speed the Credentialing Process with SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand® Demo Webinar

When you digitize your peer referencing and affiliation verification process, you’re accelerating not only how you work, but how fast providers can be brought onboard. And right now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, automating paper processes is the first step in getting providers to the frontline and impacting patient care.

Even better? Going digital is easier and more cost-effective than you imagine.

View this on-demand demo webinar and learn how SkillSurvey Credential On-Demand, a cloud-based mobile-enabled solution, can help you cut delays and speed the credentialing process - even when working remotely.

On the agenda:

  • Cut paper and learn how incorporating automation into your process will save your team significant time
  • Discover how you can get back peer and affiliation responses in just 3 days
  • Deliver a first-class experience for everyone involved

Start speeding and easing your credentialing process to help your facility save valuable time and money!

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