Achieving Outstanding Patient Satisfaction Scores
Starts with Hiring Better Candidates

HCAHPS? The acronym HCAHPS (pronounced “H-caps”), short for the standardized consumer healthcare surveys launched by federal agencies, is a term that gets used every day within healthcare organizations.

Providing the best patient experience has become a top priority among hospitals and healthcare systems due to increased pressure to improve HCAHPS scores. Studies have shown that an employee’s behaviors have a direct impact on patient satisfaction. It is, by all accounts, preferable to hire people who already possess and exhibit the skills and traits needed, rather than to spend time and money training them once hired. 

Increasingly hospitals are hiring based on an employee’s proven ability to conform to, and deliver against, HCAHPS standards. Fortunately, you can consciously hire better candidates that help achieve outstanding patient satisfaction scores—and many human resources leaders are already doing so.

In the Hiring for HCAHPS eBook you will learn:

  • Background on the HCAHPS survey
  • Aspects of HCAHPS that matter to human resources
  • How leading hospital organizations are using new tools to identify candidates with the “right stuff”
  • Your role in impacting patient satisfaction

Download the eBook, Hiring for HCAHPS: How Human Resources Can Influence Patient Satisfaction Scores.

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